25 & 26 june 2022 – DE KUIP ROTTERDAM

Yxng Le

Dutch rapper Yxng Le (Lloyd Essan) was born in Amsterdam on April 27, 1997. He grew up in Amsterdam-Zuidoost and start making music when he was twelve by Split Records, but took it seriously when he was nineteen. He released his first song called ‘1997’ which was followed by ‘Don’t Know’. In 1999, Yxng Le signed by the record label 777 records of Frenna in collaboration with Top Notch. The song ‘Jij en ik’ was released at the end of June, and within a few days, it had many streams on Spotify and YouTube. Yxng Le confirmed his name with the song ‘Wat is je naam?’ with Frenna which has 46 million streams nowadays.

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