25 & 26 june 2022 – DE KUIP ROTTERDAM

Sevn Alias

Sevn Alias, stage name of Sevaio Rosario Mook (Amsterdam, October 5, 1996), is a Dutch rapper. He has a Surinamese father and a Surinamese-Antillean mother. Sevaio uses Moroccan words in his lyrics because he grew up with many Moroccan friends in Amsterdam-West. For example, the title of his single ‘Kifesh’, which received a gold status in 2016, is the Arabic word for ‘what’s up?’. The rapper later moved to Almere and became known with the songs: ‘Gass’, ‘Patsergedrag’ and ‘Hosselaar’. Sevn Alias was even featured as the character Stille in the Dutch series Mocro Mafia. 

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