25 & 26 june 2022 – DE KUIP ROTTERDAM

Qlas & Blacka

Cheneydo Zunder & Luciana Jafari Mehrabady, better known as Qlas & Blacka, is a Dutch rap duo who releases music in the genre of drill rap. Under the name Mijn Jongenz, the duo released their first song in late 2018. In 2019, they scored their first hit with ‘Scooter’ in collaboration with Yssi SB, Ashafar and ADF Samski. In 2020, they collaborated on the soundtrack for the Videoland series Mocro Maffia and released their debut album Project 24-Volume 1 which reached the 1st place in the Dutch Album Top 100. The duo also released the song ‘Dom Pérignon’ in 2020 with Henkie T, Murda and Jonna Fraser with which they reached the thirteenth spot in the Dutch Single Top 100 and won the FunX Award for best collaboration.

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